Products and services

We offer full range of services from innovation to development and production as well as cooperation in those processes in the following sectors:

  • special purpose containers destined as command stands, service and renovation workshops, signal service, transmission stations, habitable, medical and others
  • special equipment and modular installation of containers
  • modernization and new systems and assemblies in combat vehicles
  • automotive and portable filtering and ventilation devices
  • automotive and portable air condition devices
  • on-board and portable power generating sets
  • monitor systems for operation and diagnosing technical objects, among them: tanks, BMP vehicles, cars, tractors, working and mining machines

We offer cooperation in analytical and conceptual studies in the following sectors:

  • containerization and palletization system for military transport
  • complex modernizations and upgrading renovation of combat vehicles
  • automation systems for the operation and diagnosing combat vehicles
  • contemporary battlefield menace warning and counter-action systems

We execute untypical works in the field of electronics, hydraulics and mechanics.
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