Autonomous handling sets

Set of hydraulic supports ZPH.20-A2

Set of hydraulic supports type ZPH.20-A2 is a reusable device, designed to self-reloading (self-loading or self-unloading) of special 20-foot containers of total weight up to 16,0 t.

Set of hydraulic supports ZPH.20-A2 is a stand-alone system of the container, fully integrated structurally and functionally with the container. This set consists of four hydraulic servomotors - pivotally mounted on supporting pillars in the corners of the container, the hydraulic installation, and the hydraulic system - built in the hydraulic module, and batteries and control unit – built in the electric power module of the container. Each of the functional units forming a part of the set is a compact and closed structure - built-up inside the container, susceptible to operation and repair.

While operating, the set gets electricity from the container installation. Folding and unfolding of the hydraulic servomotors is done manually by two members of container staff – with the assistance of gas springs. The set is controlled remotely, semi-automatically, at a safe distance from the container - using remote control desktop, there is a possibility of using additional manual control - with the use of the control board in the hydraulics and battery module.

The applied solution of set of hydraulic supports allows for its use in self-reloading of the container in the area, where the difficult terrain does not allow for use of external handling equipment (cranes, forklifts, etc.) or they are currently not available. This solution also allows for enhanced containers’ mobility without involving additional means of transport and manpower, as well as in case of rapid evacuation in emergency situations.

Set of hydraulic supports ZPH.20-A2 is capable for operation when the vehicle is stationary with the transported container.

Using the set as intended and complying with the rigors of technical support is a guarantee of its long-term and reliable operation.

Technical and operation parameters

Type of supports' set  ZPH.20-A2
Marking of type/version of supports’ set   ZPH.20-A2,w.W2;
Document marking of supports’ set ZPH.20.A2-
Total weight of supports’ set  950 kg
Acceptable total weight of lifted container 16 000 kg
Acceptable load on one support 8 000 kg
Total unloading time from the vehicle up to 10 min
Lifting height of container max. 1800 mm
Leveling the container on the slope  automatic
Possibility of container leveling on the slope up to 3°
Accuracy of container leveling
Time of full lifting or lowering of the container  about 5 min
Total time of container unloading from the vehicle up to 10 min
Total time of container loading on the vehicle up to 15 min.
Possible to load on vehicle chassis on the slope up to 3°
Recommended number of operation personnel  operator + 1 person
Maximum uninterrupted operation time of hydraulic system and supports max. 15 min
Hydraulics and control systems supply voltage 24 V (27,6 V)
Type of hydraulic oil/capacity power supply system UNIVIS HVI 26 ESCO/60 l 
Range of use temperature of supports’ set  from –30°C to +55°C
Range of storage temperature of supports’ set  from –40°C to +65°C
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