Air conditioners

Railway roof air-conditioner type UKW.KD.01-5200S/3000G/3x400V~

Railway roof air-conditioner type UKW.KD.01-5200S/3000G/3x400V~ is intended to achieve in the shortest possible time and automatically maintain temperature in the range from 17 °C to 27 °C inside the electric locomotive driver’s compartment, at an ambient temperature from -30 to + 50 °C (max. +55 °C), in order to ensure thermal comfort for the crew.

Air-conditioner can be used in two basic variants of operation:
  • cooling - where the air supplied from the outside into the driver’s compartment and internal circuit air is cooled;
  • heating - where the air as above is heated.

Uniformity of temperature maintained in the driver’s compartment is performed by air-conditioner by the exchange and recirculation of air in the driver’s compartment. The temperature is registered on an ongoing basis by a temperature sensor connected to the electronic control unit mounted on the control panel in the driver’s compartment.

Technical and operation parameters

Type/version of air-conditioner UKW.KD.01-5200S/3000G/3x400V~
Document marking of the air-conditioner UKW.KD.01-
Dimensions of the air-conditioner (lenghth x width x heighth) 1200 x 850 x 310 mm
Total weight of the air-conditioner 100 kg
Assembly of the air-conditioner on the rail car roof
Power supply voltage 3x400 V~ ±10%/ 50Hz; 24V DC
Nominal cooling capacity 5,2 kW
Nominal heating capacity 3,0 kW
Air flow 520 m³/h
Control automatic driver CPU 682-TF
Type of cooling agent R134a
Operation noise of the air-conditioner from 50 to 70 dB (depending on air flow)
Range of use temperatures of the air-conditioner from -30°C to +55°C
Range of storage temperatures of the air-conditioner from -40°C to +65°C
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